[Ubuntu-BD] root login

Lenin lenin at phpxperts.net
Fri Aug 14 20:53:14 BST 2009

On Sat, Aug 15, 2009 at 1:47 AM, Ashiqur Rahman Angel <angel at linux.org.bd>wrote:

> Datz my point. Ppl who dnt knw wat z sudo n hw to use sudo, dey wont
> login as root.because dey dont even know what it's.check dz lists old
> mail,every1 knws whats sudo,most of da time,dey jst want2knw,hw to
> login as root in ui.if u ask dm,y do u wnt2login as root in ui,ull
> c,every1 hs a reason.so dey knw,wat dey want 2 do,wat dey r doing.n
> wat 2 do 4 dz.jst need to knw da exact proceedure.
> I hope, i cud explain. Im done here.

You are right at your point. But most people dont even know sudo is there.
And that is the de facto standard for debian distro's and ubuntu. I also
didn't know this. I also worked for sometime with root priviledge last year.
Then after reading list and other documentation I stopped that forever.

Whenever system warns you need root priviledge to do so. Pple who are
familiar with traditional linux(Fedora at their training or Red Hat at lab
etc) try to use the root user. Thats the conclusion.

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