[Ubuntu-BD] Upgrading Python Version

maSnun masnun at gmail.com
Sun Aug 9 14:06:11 BST 2009

Sorry for continuous replies. I finally made it. It was quite easy and

I just downloaded the source using wget.

Extracted it. Changed directory to the extracted one.

Executed "./configure"

Then "sudo make install"

That did the job for me. Now typing "python" invokes Python 2.6 while I can
use 2.5.2 by typing "python2.5".

The "--prefix" option was installing the python in "/home/masnun/lib". In
that case I was supposed to create a symlink in "/usr/bin" ?

Anyway, it's done and I'm having fun with Python.

Thanks to all for co-operation.
Abu Ashraf Masnun
Grad Student, BBA,
Khulna University.

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