[Ubuntu-BD] Proprietary IDE for C

tanjir orko_147 at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 7 15:59:58 BST 2009

Your answers:
1. I am not sure why you are looking for proprietary IDE (something like visual studio or borland?). You can use anything you feel comfortable with. As some suggested, basic text editors are the best, cause you will see what is really happening. Once you get more matured, you will want to use eclipse, netbeans, ajunta, kdevelop (there are a lot more). Or some will suggest you to use vim or emacs. For books, I believe as long you are learning, you are good. No matter whether you are using for dummies series or for expert series. Most books are well written in a way. Just make sure you are comfortable with what you are doing.
2. Offtopic e-mails are not welcome (unless some one is new) in the mailing list as this is supposed to be for ubuntu support. There are few other technical forums, mailing lists available, where you can ask general questions. I guess some one can help you with those names. So, don't worry for now, as you are new to the mailing list, I hope e'one is cool. But thanks for asking!

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> Hello,
> What do you think the best proprietary IDE for C is? I use
> Vim for C programming. What do you use? (I'm very noob at C
> programming. Just started with the book "C for dummies") 
> Sorry for the off topic question. Is off topic question
> banned in this mailing list?
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