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Ashiqur Rahman Angel angel at linux.org.bd
Tue Aug 4 17:02:57 BST 2009

I was never actually Gnome user or fan, I started my life with KDE 3. But
after releasing Fedora 9, KDE 4 Beta was available with it. This is not the
fact that, I ddn't like KDE 4 Beta, but I always hated the great KDE 4
crashes and bugs (told u, so many times). So I had to switch to Gnome for a
while. However, when I used Gnome, I cudn't stop myself to use KDE apps.
Though it was Gnome desktop, but I was using all of KDE apps there mostly.

2009/8/4 Shahriar Tariq <shahriar at linux.org.bd>

> তুমি কেডিই ব্যবহারকারী? একি শুনি!! আমি আর আরজে এতোদিন কেডিই ফ্যান তোমারে
> গুতাতাম নোম ব্যবহারের জন্য?

0DF8 3CD4 AFE3 68C6 2CDA 9F17 14B8 1A15 E5F7 73C2

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