[ Ubuntu-BD ] 10 hilarious anti-Microsoft quotes :)

Nasimul Haque nasim.haque at gmail.com
Wed Sep 10 12:18:43 BST 2008

It is a very common misunderstanding that because of the pirated Microsoft
product people knows computer well. It is not. The revolution of free
software did not started because of Microsoft. It started to provide free
and open source software to the user. GNU stands for "GNU is not UNIX". That
is the free software revolution started to create a UNIX alternative to
reach the mass people. Also BSD is derived as a free license of UNIX. Hence
their could be free software and the evolution of software would roll on
even if there was no Windows. However, competition is always good and people
know that UNIX is much better than any other kind of OS standard. So Apple
moved to a UNIX based OS leaving horrible Mac OS 9. And we get a half-closed
Mac OS X. Also Macs are not too pricey but they do not deliver low profile
hardware in the market.

Well, we are on Ubuntu list. So I stop here! ;)


M. Nasimul Haque, M.Sc.(SUST)
Wessex Institute of Technology
Southampton, UK

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