[ Ubuntu-BD ] VirtualBox 2.0 Released!

Raihan Hasnain raihanhasnain at gmail.com
Sat Sep 6 18:45:00 BST 2008

Within a month VirtualBox developers released 3 versions of VirtualBox. This
time it is a major upgrade.
Yes, VirtualBox 2.0 is released and it comes with few new features and
previous bug fixes. Though I couldn't find any changes which can be
considered as "major change".

Here goes the major change-log:

   - 64 bits guest support (64 bits host only)
   - New native Leopard user interface on Mac OS X hosts
   - The GUI was converted from Qt3 to Qt4 with many visual improvements
   - New-version notifier
   - Guest property information interface
   - Host Interface Networking on Mac OS X hosts
   - New Host Interface Networking on Solaris hosts
   - Support for Nested Paging on modern AMD CPUs (major performance gain)
   - Framework for collecting performance and resource usage data (metrics)
   - Added SATA asynchronous IO (NCQ: Native Command Queuing) when accessing
   raw disks/partitions (major performance gain)
   - Clipboard integration for OS/2 Guests
   - Created separate SDK component featuring a new Python programming
   interface on Linux and Solaris hosts
   - Support for VHD disk images

VirtualBox is a lightweight, fast, open-source and free virtual machine
available for OS X, Windows, Linux and Solaris operating systems. It was
initially developed by Innotek and later Sun took the ownership of the

Being an amazing virtual machine, VirtualBox became a direct competitor of
VMWare and Parallels in no time.

Official Website: www.virtualbox.org
Downloads: http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads

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