[ Ubuntu-BD ] Hardy bitterness

Tarin Mahmood tmahmood at arenamobile.com
Fri Jun 6 21:51:27 BST 2008

> I cannot finish the list of beta software
> included in the Ubuntu. PulseAudio, PolicyKit, Firefox, Bulletproof X,
> i.e., Xorg, AmaroK, QtOctave, Rkward, Vinagre, etc.

First you are forgetting most OSS softwares are almost never considered
'Completed' in sense of Commercial applications, they are in constant
development, you can say most of applications are never out of beta. For
example do you consider KDE4 as Full version, if you do you are making a
mistake, KDE4 is considered buggy and beta version, Version 4.1 will be the
stable version.

Most of the application you've mentioned are added after they've been found
stable. As KDE4 was not completed it was not added to this release. Its been
like this like forever. Go ahead and check out bugzilla or Launchpad's
Ubuntu section there are thousends of bugs waiting to be fixed for years.

Ubuntu Dev did some mistakes in integrating Pulse Audio though. they should
have provided the Pulse Audio utility applications.

However, Have you checked what were the the updates? the updates were not
related to these applications you are mentioning, Most of the big updates
came for hardy are security updates/kernel updates. Few major security
vulnerability was found in several internal codes thus triggering these
updates, You should be impressed at the Ubuntu devs, as they provided you
the updates this fast, within 1/2 days of the vulenrbilities were found.
Thats what LTS is about, Giving users a secured and stable OS, providing
security updates as quickly as possible.

of course there will be more updates then previous versions. Current release
is far more vast then older versions and there are far more security attacks
now. An Production machine must stay updated so that there is no security
issues left.

The Xorg
problem is everywhere. Almost everyday people are complaining about
the resolution.

Go ahead and search the forums, hundrands of people also complained about
the resolution problem, for every other versions of Ubuntu, you didn't
noticed it cause you didn't had it. PC platform is so vast, its rather
impossible to not have any problems.

PolicyKit is Developed and integrated by GNOME developers not by Ubuntu
developers. Ubuntu developers integrated the GDE to their distro.

Hardy is just released, it have a long time infront of it (not for me, I'll
update to the next version as soon as it releases :p, that's what I've been
doing for last 2 years) It'll be a solid distro, I believe.

Its not that High-end AGPs are not supported in Linux, rather you are to
have problem with low end ones. I've a rather high-end one for My system
w/r/t its lifetime. works great. All my hardwares Just works Except my
crappy Lexmark Printer and I'll never buy an Lexmark again.

T. Mahmood
Arena Mobile, Bangladesh

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