[ Ubuntu-BD ] Hardy bitterness

Tarin Mahmood tmahmood at arenamobile.com
Fri Jun 6 19:38:33 BST 2008

I'm using Hardy on 2 of my PCS fulltime, one is my Work pc with everything
build in another is my home PC an AMD64 machine with NVIDIA card and builtin

As for my Hardy experience: *I'm loving it ^_^ !*

I've not face any of the problems you've mentioned. maybe I'm just lucky
with both the systems? :p

I've not seen any problems with PolicyKit but again PolicyKit is something
that belongs to GNOME development, It have nothing to do with Ubuntu's

I think its very normal to have many updates after release. If you do not
like updates then stop updating, you can do that very easily but it is
certainly a very bad thing to do ... :p

There will be frequent updates for few months I think, As this a LTS they
want to cover the holes as quickly as possible. So there were these much bug

I welcome updates its fixes serious problems (or sometime creates :p)

Let 1/2 months pass by, after they have patched all initial release bugs you
won't be receiving updating this frequently.

If you see anything missing/buggy just send a bug report.

Which beta softwares are you talking about? Only beta software I see is
Firefox 3, which is being rock solid for me everywhere and I love it

T. Mahmood
Arena Mobile, Bangladesh

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