[ Ubuntu-BD ] Hardy bitterness

Nasimul Haque nasim.haque at gmail.com
Fri Jun 6 17:22:23 BST 2008

I am very very frustrated with the quality of the latest Ubuntu
release Hardy Heron. They released a LTS version with loads of beta
software. Almost every day, there are lots of updates available. I had
to restart my computer four times already after the initial release.
This is really annoying. I don't like to restart my PC. And this
bullshit X, I mean bulletproof X giving me hard time. It cannot detect
my monitor's resolution correctly and does not let me configure it
manually. In the first install I got the actual resolution but after
some updates it cannot detect it now. I am forced to use 1024x768.
Also pulseaudio giving me hard times. For no reason, it cannot
redirect the audio to the VirtualBox. I am totally fed up. I really
wonder, why the hell they labeled this release as an LTS release.
Maybe, they need to fix things for a very long time for this release.
That's why they need an LTS. Damn, I shouldn't upgrade to Hardy. Gutsy
was superb.


M. Nasimul Haque, M.Sc.(SUST)
Wessex Institute of Technology
Southampton, UK

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