[Ubuntu-BD] 6 years of Creative Commons License

tanjir orko_147 at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 18 23:43:02 GMT 2008

My bad. Just to clarify, when I said unofficial, I meant the license I was talking about (1) is not directly Bangladesh Government recognized copyright license (2) is not usually signed in the presence of any lawfully appointed person or a third party. Hopefully it makes more sense. I didn't mean anything the way you interpreted.
Besides, I am neither a law student nor interested to confuse people by arguing on this issue but to start the project if any one comes forward. :) any hands up??


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2008/12/18 tanjir <orko_147 at yahoo.com>:
> If we put aside the application of law in Bangladesh, there is advantage
of using creative commons license- as it is kind of a unofficial agreement
between you and the user

There is nothing "unofficial" about any license. A license is a legal
declaration form the offering party to which the receiver party agrees
to. Creative Common is as much of a license as the tradition copyright
declarations associated with any creative work. While both of them are
legal contracts, the former provides you the "freedom" to some degree
whereas the later ensures "restrictions" related to the work.

It is a separate issue if a license offered contradicts/conflicts with
local laws. In that case that needs to be resolved until as a legal

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