[Ubuntu-BD] How to unrar and combine multiple RAR files on Ubuntu

Hafiz Imtiaz Fortune eee.imtiaz at gmail.com
Thu Dec 18 12:10:38 GMT 2008

Nasimul Haque wrote:
> 2008/12/17 Tareq Siraj <to_tareq at yahoo.com>:
>> Umm... if youre talking about multi-part rar archives, unrar picks up the rest of the chain of parts if you only give it the first one (at least for my unrar 3.71b does it). find will actully execute unrar for every part the archive has (if it has 10 parts, it will extract the whole thing 10 times) :) ... or I am missing the bigger picture here.
> The other nine times unrar should fail. Because on multi-part rar
> archive, you cannot unrar if you don't start from the first part. So,
> find command passes 10 files to unrar individually of which only the
> first file will be extracted and the other 9 times it will fail.
> However, if unrar is smart enough to find the first part
> automatically, then you end up with 10 times unarchiving the same
> file.
> It is common sense to use only the first file to unarchive because it
> is splitted by the rar program itself. And it can remember how did it
> split the files. Also in windows you do not double click or 'extract
> here' on every single file, do you?
What is the final decision then? I mean, if I use ubuntu, should I have 
to download the RAR addon through synaptic? And then just uncompressing 
the first part, I would be able to combine all of the parts?

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