[Ubuntu-BD] Help needed about display resolution

Tareq Siraj to_tareq at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 16 16:52:02 GMT 2008

Hi Imtiaz,
Is 800x600 hard coded in your xorg.conf? If so, can you try commenting out the line that has the resolutions? Generally X can automatically pick up the highest supported resolution. I'm not sure about linux mint though, since i've never used it. 

Also, in my experience, compiling and installing the nvidia driver from nvidia.com gave me better results. It also gives you the nvidia x server settings tool which is quite handy. 

Tareq Ahmed Siraj

From: Hafiz Imtiaz <eee.imtiaz at gmail.com>
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Sent: Tuesday, December 16, 2008 11:10:31 AM
Subject: [Ubuntu-BD] Help needed about display resolution


I have recently installed Linux Mint 6 on my Pentium 4, GeForce FX
5200 128MB, 1536MB RAM, Samsung 551s monitor PC. The problem I am
facing is, initially the display resolution [both on liveCD and first
boot] was OK, 1024x768. But after installing the proprietory driver
for nVidia graphics card, my resolution switched to 800x600. And I
can't change it from Administration-> Display Resolution. The highest
value there is 800x600. I have read on this mailing list someone
talking about modifying "xorg.conf" to solve this mess, but I can't
find the mail. Can anyone help me to simultaneously use proprietory
driver and run on 1024x768 screen resolution??

Thanks in advance

Hafiz Imtiaz
PH: 01915698207

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