[Ubuntu-BD] Need to get root into gui Temporarily

Shahriar Tariq shahriar at linux.org.bd
Sun Dec 14 19:52:45 GMT 2008

Yes I am aware I should not Log in into root by default
I should not login to root in GUI..

I have been dishing out these things to other people for months.. but now I
myself need to login to root in gui temporarily...

The situation is I lost gui in my default account shahriar (which is in root
group and have sudo privilege)... (when I login screen goes white)

therefore I created another account ashabadi using command line in shahriar
sudo adduser ashabadi

it created general user account ashabadi.. without any sudo privilege..

now I want to add ashabadi to root group (so I have sudo privilege and
system wide access)....

Ashabadi account does not have access to system>>usergroup (since does not
have root priviledge)

I tried googling but every solution needs me to be in root privilege and in
gui mode

remember I don't have root account or (shahriar root privileged account) in

Now I either need cli solution to add ashabadi account to root group or I
need to get root to gui temporarily..

please help......

(to end with... why the hell this type of problem happens to me???)
Thanking you

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