[Ubuntu-BD] Discussion and planning on RBL linux distro

Raihan Hasnain Rahman raihanhasnain at gmail.com
Fri Dec 12 21:51:46 GMT 2008

Why don't take some ideas from Edubuntu?

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Subject: Re: [Ubuntu-BD] Discussion and planning on RBL linux distro
From: "DarkLord (:=" <darklord2007 at gmail.com>
Date: 13/12/2008 2:20 am

lets choose some educational apps for "Pichhi" users and make rbl for 

This could be our slogan too :D "RBL For Everyone" :)

i am searching for such apps :


dark lord wrote:
> Mitting 19 tarikh hole hoito aste parbo na dhakr bahere jete pari

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