[ Ubuntu-BD ] [ot] Bangladeshi youtube like site

Ammar Karim ammar.lists at gmail.com
Thu Aug 9 06:33:29 BST 2007

So does that mean Youtube in Bangladesh is censored? Or is this a general
reference to Youtube tagging and removing videos like "Joubon Amar Lal

Now to introduce myself: Hi. I am Ammar. A New member at the mailing list. I
followed the ubuntu forum, but since site is down I thought this would be
best way to keep in touch. I currently am finishing my studies in Canada and
will return to Bangladesh next month Insha'Allah. I previously communicated
with Russel bhai off his blog once. With a question, and will likely put it
forward to you in the coming days too. I have been using Ubuntu since dapper
drake... and am currently a feisty user. Even though I have been using for
almost a year, and have used Mandriva before that I feel I am a novice at
linux and need to copy paste a lot of things from ubuntuforums or
ubuntuguide to get things to work. I'm horrible at troubleshooting by
reading output and logs, so sorry in advance if I send lots of silly
questions through this mailing list :-)



>Awesome! I hope it's less censored.
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