[ Ubuntu-BD ] Call for help: write-ups wanted

Russell John russell at linux.org.bd
Mon Aug 21 10:28:08 BST 2006

Dear friends,

We're going to publish a booklet on Linux and FLOSS next month, and
we're looking for write-ups from all of you.  The booklet will be in
Bengali and will be distributed for free.  Our target group are the
people who wants to learn more about Linux and Open Source software, and
people who wants to migrate to Linux.  The write-ups should be in
introductory level, and shouldn't be too technical since we'll be
distributing it between non-IT people as well.

Please start writing up articles, and send them within August 31st 2006.
 If you can't type in Bengali, then you can send us scanned images as
well.  The booklet with selected articles will be published in first
week of September.  The articles that we won't be able to accommodate on
this issue will be printed on the next issue, which will come up in
November.  An e-book version will also be published, which will be
available at www.linux.org.bd and www.iosn.net.

Some ideas for the write-ups are:

- GNU and Free Software Foundation
- The Open Source philosophy
- Introduction to Linux
- Linux distributions
- Windows equivalents of Linux software
- Windows to Linux migration tips
- Creative Commons licenses
- Free and Open Source software VS piracy
- Bengali localisation
- Statistics on the use of Linux in Bangladesh
- and more.

You can be as creative as possible and always come up with new topics /

Please let me know how many of you are interested - hurry, cause we
don't have much time in hand.

Thanking you all,

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