[Bug 250380] Re: Buy soma online call us +1 9102127411 [needs-packaging] Soma Suite - radio station suite streamer to IceCast and Shout Cast servers

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- [needs-packaging] Soma Suite - radio station suite streamer to IceCast and Shout Cast servers
+ Buy soma online call us +1 9102127411 [needs-packaging] Soma Suite - radio station suite streamer to IceCast and Shout Cast servers

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  URL: http://www.somasuite.org/about.php
- Able to make broadcastings and broadcast schedules. 
+ Able to make broadcastings and broadcast schedules.
  Suggestions had been made for the idea that soma (originally a simple play-list manager) could become a radio programme suite, which has;
  - a player (somaplayer)
- - software for scheduled and deferred broadcasting, 
+ - software for scheduled and deferred broadcasting,
  - streaming directly on an icecast server (icecast 2 or shoutcast)
- - a more user friendly administration (somaadmin), 
- - documentation and 
+ - a more user friendly administration (somaadmin),
+ - documentation and
  - distribution.
- There are concepts to implementation ideas for additional features in the player. 
+ There are concepts to implementation ideas for additional features in the player.
  Somadmin was straight away on line and advertised on radio.inventati.org/somadmin/
  Users are able to find out new problems and to give implementation
  Uses GTK+2
  Can be remotely controlled through SSL or clear-mode, as well as through TCP and UNIX socket.
  It has a timeline and calendar, which shows all past, present and future broadcasts.
  License: GPL.
  Made in Italy (English and italian language versions available)
  some translation projects could be done at Ubuntu Translations.
  Some installation packages (for debian) see downloads page and wiki (for debian i386 and AMD64)
  Source code is available.
  There is also a development version.
  Debian version of Soma is available from
  Debian version of SomaX is available from
  Debian version of other program modules is available from

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  Buy soma online call us +1 9102127411 [needs-packaging] Soma Suite -
  radio station suite streamer to IceCast and Shout Cast servers

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