[Bug 1494141] Re: HAProxy 1.5 init script does not terminate processes

Louis Bouchard louis.bouchard at canonical.com
Tue Sep 22 09:19:27 UTC 2015

Good catch Claudio.  The bug is present in Trusty and Trusty-backports.

Prior to LP: #1477198, the stop script did not stop at all because it
relied on the --pid option that is introduced in dpkg version 1.17.6 as
outlined in the man page of start-stop-daemon :

       [--pid] pid
              Check  for a process with the specified pid (since version 1.17.6). The pid must be a number greater than 0.

Now with the fix introduced by LP: #1477198, it will work as expected
unless nproc > 1. Otherwise, we will see the behavior described in LP:
#1481737 whereas processes other than the first PID appearing in the
pidfile will remain active.

The patch included here solves both situation as it loops through all
the PIDs in the pidfile & terminates them using a temporary pidfile.

I will carry on this explanation in the other bug so the version in
-updates is fixed as well.

This bug remains valid as we still see only the first PID being  killed
with the recent patch.

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  HAProxy 1.5 init script does not terminate processes

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