[Bug 1505779] [NEW] Please backport libseccomp 2.2.3-2ubuntu1 (main) from wily

Stéphane Graber stgraber at stgraber.org
Tue Oct 13 18:50:25 UTC 2015

Public bug reported:

Please backport libseccomp 2.2.3-2ubuntu1 (main) from wily to trusty.

This is needed infrastructure in preparation for a LXC 1.1.7 backport
back to trusty.

libseccomp is API compatible, has been auto-backported for LXC users for
years, is well tested and very stable.

THe main benefit from this backport is the addition of arm* and ppc*
architecture support.

Reason for the backport:
Recommended infrastructure for a LXC backport, adds seccomp support on
all supported architectures.

Mark off items in the checklist [X] as you test them, but please leave the checklist so that backporters can quickly evaluate the state of testing.

You can test-build the backport in your PPA with backportpackage:
$ backportpackage -u ppa:<lp username>/<ppa name> -s wily -d trusty libseccomp

* trusty:
[x] Package builds without modification
[x] libseccomp-dev installs cleanly and runs
[x] libseccomp2-dbgsym installs cleanly and runs
[x] seccomp-dbgsym installs cleanly and runs
[x] libseccomp2 installs cleanly and runs
[x] seccomp installs cleanly and runs

Reverse dependencies:
The following reverse-dependencies need to be tested against the new version of libseccomp. For reverse-build-dependencies (-Indep), please test that the package still builds against the new libseccomp. For reverse-dependencies, please test that the version of the package currently in the release still works with the new libseccomp installed. Reverse- Recommends, Suggests, and Enhances don't need to be tested, and are listed for completeness-sake.

* qemu
  [x] trusty (Reverse-Build-Depends)
* lxc
  [x] trusty (Reverse-Build-Depends)



* liblxc1
  [x] trusty (Reverse-Depends)
* qemu-system-misc
  [x] trusty (Reverse-Depends)
* qemu-system-x86
  [x] trusty (Reverse-Depends)
* qemu-system-sparc
  [x] trusty (Reverse-Depends)
* qemu-system-arm
  [x] trusty (Reverse-Depends)
* qemu-system-ppc
  [x] trusty (Reverse-Depends)
* qemu-system-mips
  [x] trusty (Reverse-Depends)


** Affects: trusty-backports
     Importance: Undecided
         Status: New

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  Please backport libseccomp 2.2.3-2ubuntu1 (main) from wily

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