[Bug 1505783] Re: Please backport lxc 1.1.4-0ubuntu1.1 (main) from xenial

Stéphane Graber stgraber at stgraber.org
Sun Nov 1 17:09:16 UTC 2015

I updated the backport to take the latest SRU too.

On top of that I did the following (documented in changelog) changes to the packaging:
   * Add a versioned build-dependency on trusty-backports' libseccomp-dev.
   * Add a versioned build-dependency on trusty-backports' libcgmanager-dev.
   * Add a versioned depends for liblxc1 on trusty-backports' cgmanager.
   * Add a versioned recommends for liblxc1 on trusty-backports' cgmanager.

LXC supports building with old versions of those libraries so that's why
there's no versioned dependency on those in the archive. But for the
backport, we'd like to use the backported version of those since they
add useful features and optimizations.

** Summary changed:

- Please backport lxc 1.1.4-0ubuntu1 (main) from wily
+ Please backport lxc 1.1.4-0ubuntu1.1 (main) from xenial

** Description changed:

- Please backport lxc 1.1.4-0ubuntu1 (main) from wily to trusty.
+ Please backport lxc 1.1.4-0ubuntu1.1 (main) from xenial to trusty.
  Upstream LXC has been maintaining automated backports of LXC and all
  needed bits for years now and have a big userbase of those automated
  backports. We'd now like to introduce those same packages as official
  Ubuntu backports.
  LXC 1.1.7 is ABI compatible with 1.0 so any existing bindings or library
  users will keep on working.
  There are some minor command line changes which may cause problems with
  some scripts but I still think this is reasonable for a backport (main
  change is that containers are now backgrounded by default).
  This does require the following backports be processed first:
-  - libseccomp (LP: #1505779)
-  - cgmanager (LP: #1505778)
-  - lxcfs (LP: #1505782)
+  - libseccomp (LP: #1505779)
+  - cgmanager (LP: #1505778)
+  - lxcfs (LP: #1505782)
  Reason for the backport:
  LXC 1.1.7 supports systemd containers, allowing a trusty user to run a
  wily container or any distro using systemd.
  Backporting such support in the stable 1.0 branch is too difficult, so
  even the upcoming LXC 1.0.8 will not include that feature.
  LXC 1.1.7 is also the base for LXD which we'd very much like to
  introduce to trusty users.
  Mark off items in the checklist [X] as you test them, but please leave the checklist so that backporters can quickly evaluate the state of testing.
  You can test-build the backport in your PPA with backportpackage:
  $ backportpackage -u ppa:<lp username>/<ppa name> -s wily -d trusty lxc
  * trusty:
  [x] Package builds without modification
  [x] lxc-dbgsym installs cleanly and runs
  [x] lxc-templates-dbgsym installs cleanly and runs
  [x] lxc-dbg installs cleanly and runs
  [x] liblxc1 installs cleanly and runs
  [x] lua-lxc installs cleanly and runs
  [x] lxc-templates installs cleanly and runs
  [x] lxc-dev installs cleanly and runs
  [x] lxc-dev-dbgsym installs cleanly and runs
  [x] lxc-tests-dbgsym installs cleanly and runs
  [x] python3-lxc-dbgsym installs cleanly and runs
  [x] lxc installs cleanly and runs
  [x] python3-lxc installs cleanly and runs
  [x] lxc-tests installs cleanly and runs
  [x] liblxc1-dbgsym installs cleanly and runs
  [x] lua-lxc-dbgsym installs cleanly and runs
  Reverse dependencies:
  The following reverse-dependencies need to be tested against the new version of lxc. For reverse-build-dependencies (-Indep), please test that the package still builds against the new lxc. For reverse-dependencies, please test that the version of the package currently in the release still works with the new lxc installed. Reverse- Recommends, Suggests, and Enhances don't need to be tested, and are listed for completeness-sake.
  * auto-upgrade-tester
    [x] trusty (Reverse-Recommends)
  * edubuntu-server-host
    [x] trusty (Reverse-Depends)
  * cloud-install-multi
    [x] trusty (Reverse-Depends)
  * juju-0.7
    [x] trusty (Reverse-Suggests)
  * auto-upgrade-tester
    [x] trusty (Reverse-Suggests)
  * edubuntu-server-host
    [x] trusty (Reverse-Depends)
  * lxc-android-config
    [x] trusty (Reverse-Depends)
  * docker.io
    [x] trusty (Reverse-Suggests)
  * apparmor
    [x] trusty (Reverse-Breaks)
  * lxctl
    [x] trusty (Reverse-Depends)
  * juju-local
    [x] trusty (Reverse-Depends)
  * autopkgtest
    [x] trusty (Reverse-Suggests)
  * cloud-install-landscape
    [x] trusty (Reverse-Depends)

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  Please backport lxc 1.1.4-0ubuntu1.1 (main) from xenial

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