[Bug 1161379] [NEW] Please backport ettercap 1:0.7.6-1 (universe) from raring

LocutusOfBorg costamagnagianfranco at yahoo.it
Thu Mar 28 13:03:30 UTC 2013

Public bug reported:

Please backport ettercap 1:0.7.6-1 (universe) from raring to quantal.

Reason for the backport:

         + new feature
         - old feature removed
         !! bug fixed

0.7.6-Locard 20130327
   !! Fixed some parsing errors
   !! Fixes to TN3270 dissector and SSL Strip
   !! PostgreSQL dissector: Update output format to reflect release syntax
      for John the Ripper 1.7.9-Jumbo-8. The old format is still supported,
      but deprecated.
   !! Fixed memory leak in SSL Strip plugin
   !! Fixed check in invalid ip header
   !! Fixed QoS packets handling (they aren't dropped anymore)
   !! Fix in o5logon Heap Corruption
   !! New and updated OUI file
   !! Some memory leaks fixed
   !! Fixed some bugs in return values and fstat failures handling
   !! Fixed a bug in some password display (didn't get null terminated)
   !! Many fixes in gcc warnings when building
   !! Better cmake module to find curl and libnet
   !! Fixed bug in filters load
   !! Fixes in HTTP and HTTPs protocols
   !! Fixed UI deadlock
   !! Fixes in tcp and http handling (infinite loop and crash)
   !! Better reads in BGP to avoid invalid reads
    + New logo
    + Added ascii FQDN support to DHCP ACK
    + Added UA parsing to http packets
    + Added support for IPv4 and IPv6 Tunnels
    + New mDNS dissector
    + Added PPI support (per packet information) for wireless captures
    + Ensure that we find required packages with cmake
    + New clean-all cmake target
    + Print a message when done reading PCAP file
    - Removed 'u' and 'p' fields  from etter.fields 20130201
   !! Fixed ncurses host scan crash (already fixed in
   !! Fixed ppp connection crash (already fixed in
   !! Fixed only MiTM mode selecting text interface
    + Changed to version to help distributions. 20130129
   !! applied patch to fix CVE-2012-0722
   !! fixed username detection in TN3270 dissector
    + Added new private-key and certificate-file options for SSL MiTM
    + Fix for crash in ncurses multiple scan for host mode
    + Fix for crash in ppp0 connections 20130103
   !! fixed set_blocking() method preventing SSL MiTM from working
   !! changed SSLStrip plugin to use PCRE
   !! more improvements to SSLStrip plugin
    + Added MySQL 5.x dissector
    + Added O5Logon dissector
    + Added iSCSI CHAP dissector
    + Added TN3270 dissector
    + Added MongoDB dissector

0.7.5-Assimilation 20121015
   !! fixed more memory leaks
   !! improved GTK GUI
   !! changed build system to CMake.
    + Added IPv6 poisoning and capture.
    + Added NBNS spoof plugin.
    + Added NBNS spoof plugin.
    + Added SSLStrip Plugin (EXPERIMENTAL)

0.7.4-Lazarus   20111202
   !! fixed resource depletion issue
   !! buffer access out-of-bounds issues
   !! fixed DNS dissector not working on 64bit systems
   !! multiple buffer overflows
   !! multiple memory leaks
   !! multiple files with obsolete code
   !! fixed SEND L3 errors experienced by some users
   !! fixed a compilation error under Mac OS X Lion
   !! updated build system

Ettercap builds and runs in my ppa costamagnagianfranco/ettercap-stable-backports

* quantal:
[x] Package builds without modification
[x] ettercap-common installs cleanly and runs
[x] ettercap-graphical installs cleanly and runs
[x] ettercap-dbg installs cleanly and runs
[x] ettercap-text-only installs cleanly and runs

No reverse dependencies

** Affects: quantal-backports
     Importance: Undecided
         Status: New

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  Please backport ettercap 1:0.7.6-1 (universe) from raring

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