[Bug 1068723] Re: Please backport pbuilder-scripts 17 (universe) from quantal

Dmitrijs Ledkovs launchpad at surgut.co.uk
Wed Nov 14 21:23:36 UTC 2012

While I will not argue that everyone has their own tools, but have you seen ubuntu-dev-tools?
pget equivalent is pull-lp-source which can do this:
$ pull-lp-source autofs  (will pull the source package from raring)
$ pull-lp-source autofs5 lucid-updates ($distro-$pocket to pull from)
$ pull-lp-source autofs5 5.0.4-3.1ubuntu5.1 (exact version to pull)

Also there is $ pull-debian-source which does the same thing but fetches from debian or snapshots.
Above includes _any_ of the old releases.

pcreate, pudate, pbuild etc can be used with pbuilder-dist

$ pbuilder-dist $distro [$arch] $action

Where actions are: create, update, build, clean, login, execute.

Plus it supports symlinks, e.g. you can create a symlink $ pbuilder-
dist-lucid, and it will tab-complete & default to lucid.

So my question is why do you want these, instead of using pbuilder-dist
& pull-lp-source from the ubuntu-dev-tools package which is already in
precise and has all of these tools supporting all releases (past and

(it can even use cowbuilder for faster build)

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  Please backport pbuilder-scripts 17 (universe) from quantal

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