[Bug 607505] Re: [test-pkg-a] Please backport VLC 1.1.3

bojo42 bojo42 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 24 17:59:05 BST 2010

you're right i didn't really dig into the issue, so "dh_install --list-
missing" was a lazy fix. but the problem is specific to the PPA builder,
as the vlc-data files doesn't get packaged at amd64 (and that's okay, as
it's any architecture) and the build logs for maverick are alright. and
btw i don't know what to fix in vlc-data.install as the problem is
rather somewhere else.

here are the build logs if you like to take a look:

but after all this change shouldn't necessary for an "official" backport

[test-pkg-a] Please backport VLC 1.1.3
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