[Bug 535459] Re: Please backport grace (1:5.1.22-8build1) from Maverick to Lucid

Evan Broder evan at ebroder.net
Fri Nov 26 19:05:01 GMT 2010

** Description changed:

  Binary package hint: grace
  Version 1:5.1.22-6 of grace added support for non-linear peak fitting,
  which is a commonly needed feature in scientific data analysis.
+ Test build uploaded to https://launchpad.net/~broder/+archive/ubuntu-
+ tests
+ rdepends:
+   mitools recommends grace
+   science-viewing recommends grace 
+   thunar-thumbnailers suggests grace
+   thunar-thumbnailers build-depends grace
  Original title: Add non-linear peak fitting to xmgrace
  Original package description (modified by broder):
  One of the most used features in software for scientific data analysis
  is the ability to perform non linear peak fitting (specifically
  Lorentzian and Gaussian fits). Xmgrace sorely lacks this capability,
  unless you consider adding manually the required formula.
  The attached patch attempts to resolve this issue, by extending the non-
  linear panel with two menu entries (under a new "Library" menu entry)
  for: a single peak Lorentzian or Gaussian (see attached image). The
  modifications are minor, and flexible for future implementations of
  other possible usable formulas and more important, for multi-peak
  I realize this patch should be pushed upstream first. However
  development upstream has been nonexistent for more than a year now, and
  the patch I submitted many months back is still sitting there. Given the
  more active development via Debian, I try this as a more viable mean to
  get it through.

Please backport grace (1:5.1.22-8build1) from Maverick to Lucid
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