[Bug 382997] Re: Please backport debhelper-7.2.14ubuntu1 from Karmic

Thorsten Glaser 382997 at bugs.launchpad.net
Thu Nov 4 13:33:39 GMT 2010

debhelper 7.2 and up do not work with the Perl from Hardy:

Undefined subroutine &Getopt::Long::GetOptionsFromArray called at
/usr/share/perl5/Debian/Debhelper/Dh_Getopt.pm line 76.

I’ve put an 7.0.52~ppa804+1 into my PPA based on 7.0.13ubuntu1~hardy2 from the Canonical official hardy backports repository: https://launchpad.net/~mirabilos/+archive/ppa/+sourcepub/1354909/+listing-archive-extra
It’s tested by building libgpg-error_1.6-1.dsc from Debian unstable against it in cowbuilder. Canonical/*buntu are invited to take it over.

Please backport debhelper-7.2.14ubuntu1 from Karmic
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