[Bug 382048] Re: Backport Subversion 1.6.x to hardy

Anders Kaseorg andersk at mit.edu
Wed Jun 10 20:07:13 BST 2009

subversion 1.6.1dfsg-1ubuntu2 is in karmic now.  Here are debdiffs for
hardy-backports, intrepid-backports, and jaunty-backports.  These
packages are all building in my PPA:

Please help test them and report here.

 summary "Backport subversion 1.6.1dfsg-1ubuntu2"
 affects hardy-backports
 affects intrepid-backports
 affects jaunty-backports

** Attachment added: "subversion_1.6.1dfsg-1ubuntu2~hardy1.debdiff"

** Attachment added: "subversion_1.6.1dfsg-1ubuntu2~intrepid1.debdiff"

** Attachment added: "subversion_1.6.1dfsg-1ubuntu2~jaunty1.debdiff"

** Also affects: intrepid-backports
   Importance: Undecided
       Status: New

** Summary changed:

- Backport Subversion 1.6.x to hardy
+ Backport subversion 1.6.1dfsg-1ubuntu2

** Also affects: jaunty-backports
   Importance: Undecided
       Status: New

Backport subversion 1.6.1dfsg-1ubuntu2
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