[Bug 257211] Re: please backport rsync 3 from Intrepid to Hardy

agent 8131 agent.8131 at infotage.net
Sun Jan 25 23:02:44 GMT 2009

I was actually thinking about this yesterday, wondering why it hadn't
moved forward.  I've continued using version 3 without any problems
whatsoever, and that includes in mixed 2.6 and 3.0 environments.  I will
point out a couple of things.  The work that Chris Coulson did was for
version 3.0.3.  Currently 3.0.4 is available in Jaunty and 3.0.5 was
released Dec 28th and is in Debian Sid.  Looking over the bugfixes for
3.0.5 I'd say it might be worth trying to get 3.0.5 into Jaunty and then
backporting that into hardy (and possibly intrepid if people are


For people looking to try the various versions:

3.0.3 can still be found here and can be installed with no other changes:

3.0.4 can be found here but also requires installing backported lsb-base (available from the same archive):

It also looks like 3.0.5 work is beginning in that latter archive:

please backport rsync 3 from Intrepid to Hardy
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