[Bug 305325] Re: Please backport fwbuilder (3.0.1-2) [universe] from 9.04 to 8.10 (&8.04?)

maxix maxix at maxix.org
Mon Jan 12 13:20:45 GMT 2009


Version 3.0.3 is out!

"Released 12/09/2008
GUI and compilers v3.0.3 require API library libfwbuilder version 3.0.3 "

In fact there is more than fwbuilder to backport... fwbuilder-common,
fwbuilder-bsd, fwbuilder-cisco, fwbuilder-linux, libfwbuilder8. I tested
it on jaunty, it works fine.

Please backport fwbuilder (3.0.1-2) [universe] from 9.04 to 8.10 (&8.04?)
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