[Bug 247514] Re: Please backport subversion subversion_1.5.1dfsg1-1ubuntu2 from intrepid

SteveR sroussey at network54.com
Mon Jan 5 23:04:24 GMT 2009

This package installation has the side effect of rendering python-
setuptools dysfunctional. easy_install with a url that is a svn repo
will do a check out, but easy_install (part of python-setuptools) reads
the .svn files directly for some reason, and don't know that version #
of the format of the files. I had fixed this at some point on a redhat
install, and am new to ubuntu. The fix was easy (just added the new
format revision number to be a know type for easy_install), but I don't
have a diff handy. This will surely bork lots of people when this
becomes more popular in backports.

** Bug watch added: setuptools Roundup #4

** Also affects: setuptools via
   Importance: Unknown
       Status: Unknown

Please backport subversion subversion_1.5.1dfsg1-1ubuntu2 from intrepid
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