[Bug 481851] Re: backport digikam 1.0.0~beta6-1ubuntu1 to karmic

T Kortehisto tko at netikka.fi
Sun Dec 6 10:16:26 GMT 2009

There is also digikam_1.0.0~rc-1 (release candidate). It can be
downloaded from http://packages.debian.org/sid/digikam. The package is
for Debian _unstable_ sid, but works great. Just be sure to _only_
upgrade digikam and its requirements. Sid can also be added your
software sources and then digikam installed with synaptic or aptitude,
just deactivate it after digikam installation or it will want to update
all your packages to development versions.

backport digikam 1.0.0~beta6-1ubuntu1 to karmic
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