[Bug 485168] Re: Please backport Hedgewars 0.9.12 to Karmic

Derek bugs at m8y.org
Thu Dec 3 21:50:46 GMT 2009

Hey, FWIW, I let the playdeb guys know this too...

There was an issue we had to back out in 0.9.12 - that was NPOTT - apparently ATI in particular sucks at this in terms of rendering.
And some gentoo users were reporting nvidia crashes related to NPOTT.

NPOTT has been disabled in the 0.9.12 tag on svn.
Here are the patches I sent the playdeb guys.

http://m8y.org/tmp/hw_disable_npott.diff  (against the .12 tarball, not
needed for .12 svn)

http://m8y.org/tmp/hw_spectator_desync.diff (unc0rr's fix for a crash as
spectator if the game they joined had a player that quit)

http: //m8y.org/tmp/hw_drill_sound.diff (a sill bug, my fault. this one
fixes an issue where the drill sound might not halt)

There are a few other harmless patches I could add that don't impact network play:
* allow AI to use artillery mode
* hats while roping
* fix for AI desync if they can't attack

If you want those, would be happy to link.

Please backport Hedgewars 0.9.12 to Karmic
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