[Bug 409559] Re: version 1.6.0_15 is available

Pjotr12345 pliniusminor at gmail.com
Sun Aug 23 23:01:06 BST 2009

@Jamie Strandboge:
I understand your point, but where does that leave me, a simple end user with no packaging skills at all? And more than half a million like me? Probably even millions, if you count out the distortion from the popcon statistics?

This means that probably the vast majority of Ubuntu desktop users is
now vulnerable because of unpatched JRE packages. Because that's how
popular JRE is. This is not just some package, that's the entire point.

No matter what the underlying philosophy is concerning JRE, this is an
unacceptable situation and could cause major reputation damage to

Imagine what this would do to Ubuntu's public safety image, if it became
widely known. A public relations disaster that no spin doctor would be
able to remedy.

version 1.6.0_15 is available 
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