[Bug 416005] Re: Please backport clive 2.2.4 from karmic to jaunty

Andreas Moog andreas-launchpad at warperbbs.de
Wed Aug 19 17:56:31 BST 2009

** Description changed:

  clive 1.0.2 (the current version in Jaunty) is no longer able to
  download videos from youtube due to site changes (bug #415660).  clive
  2.2.4 (the current version in Karmic) builds cleanly and works fine on
  my Jaunty system.
  Andreas Moog also built a backport in his personal PPA at
+ The version requested is clive  2.2.4-1
+ Notable new features compared to current jaunty:
+ + support Vimeo
+ + allow --format=(mp4|hd|hq|3gp) with youtube
+ + support youtube-nocookie.com

** Changed in: jaunty-backports
       Status: New => Confirmed

Please backport clive 2.2.4 from karmic to jaunty
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