[Bug 369239] [NEW] Update Package: Scite 1.7.8 + Translation pack

PauLoX paulox at paulox.net
Wed Apr 29 14:15:39 BST 2009

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Translation pack



 Release 1.78

    * Released on 28 April 2009.
    * Annotation lines may be added to each line.
    * A text margin may be defined with different text on each line.
    * Application actions may be added to the undo history.
    * Can query the symbol defined for a marker. An available symbol added for applications to indicate that plugins may allocate a marker.
    * Can increase the amount of font ascent and descent.
    * COBOL lexer added. Feature #2127406.
    * Nimrod lexer added. Feature #2642620.
    * PowerPro lexer added. Feature #2195308.
    * SML lexer added. Feature #2710950.
    * SORCUS Installation file lexer added. Feature #2343375.
    * TACL lexer added. Feature #2127406.
    * TAL lexer added. Feature #2127406.
    * Rewritten Pascal lexer with improved folding and other fixes. Feature #2190650.
    * INDIC_ROUNDBOX translucency level can be modified. Feature #2586290.
    * C++ lexer treats angle brackets in #include directives as quotes when styling.within.preprocessor. Bug #2551033.
    * Inno Setup lexer is sensitive to whether within the [Code] section and handles comments better. Bug #2552973.
    * HTML lexer does not go into script mode when script tag is self-closing.
    * HTML folder fixed where confused by comments when fold.html.preprocessor off. Bug #2532774.
    * Perl lexer fixes problem with string matching caused by line endings. Bug #2648342.
    * Progress lexer fixes problem with "last-event:function" phrase. Bug #2483619.
    * Properties file lexer extended to handle RFC2822 text when lexer.props.allow.initial.spaces on.
    * Python lexer adds options for Python 3 and Cython.
    * Shell lexer fixes heredoc problem caused by line endings. Bug #2635257.
    * TeX lexer handles comment at end of line correctly. Bug #2698766.
    * SciTE retains selection range when performing a replace selection command. Feature #2339160.
    * SciTE definition of word characters fixed to match documentaiton. Bug #2464531.
    * SciTE on GTK+ performing Search or Replace when dialog already shown now brings dialog to foreground. Bug #2634224.
    * Fixed encoding bug with calltips on GTK+.
    * Block caret drawn in correct place on wrapped lines. Bug #2126144.
    * Compilation for 64 bit Windows works using MinGW. Bug #2515578.
    * Incorrect memory freeing fixed on OS X. Bug #2354098, #2671749.
    * SciTE on GTK+ crash fixed on startup when child process exits before initialisation complete. Bug #2716987.
    * Crash fixed when AutoCompleteGetCurrent called with no active autocompletion.
    * Flickering diminished when pressing Tab. Bug #2723006.
    * Namespace compilation issues with GTK+ on OS X fixed.
    * Increased maximum length of SciTE's Language menu on GTK+ to 100 items. Bug #2528241.
    * Fixed incorrect Python lexing for multi-line continued strings. Bug #2450963.

Release 1.77

    * Released on 18 October 2008.
    * Direct temporary access to Scintilla's text buffer to allow simple efficient interfacing to libraries like regular expression libraries.
    * Scintilla on Windows can interpret keys as Unicode even when a narrow character window with SCI_SETKEYSUNICODE.
    * Notification sent when autocompletion cancelled.
    * MySQL lexer added.
    * Lexer for gettext .po files added.
    * Abaqus lexer handles program structure more correctly.
    * Assembler lexer works with non-ASCII text.
    * C++ lexer allows mixed case doc comment tags.
    * CSS lexer updated and works with non-ASCII.
    * Diff lexer adds style for changed lines, handles subversion diffs better and fixes styling and folding for lines containing chunk dividers ("---").
    * FORTRAN lexer accepts more styles of compiler directive.
    * Haskell lexer allows hexadecimal literals.
    * HTML lexer improves PHP and JavaScript folding. PHP heredocs, nowdocs, strings and comments processed more accurately. Internet Explorer's non-standard >comment< tag supported. Script recognition in XML can be controlled with lexer.xml.allow.scripts property.
    * Lua lexer styles last character correctly.
    * Perl lexer update.
    * Comment folding implemented for Ruby.
    * Better TeX folding.
    * Verilog lexer updated.
    * Windows Batch file lexer handles %~ and %*.
    * YAML lexer allows non-ASCII text.
    * SciTE on GTK+ implements "Replace in Buffers" in advanced mode.
    * The extender OnBeforeSave method can override the default file saving behaviour by retuning true.
    * Window position and recent files list may be saved into the session file.
    * Right button press outside the selection moves the caret.
    * SciTE load.on.activate works when closing a document reveals a changed document.
    * SciTE bug fixed where eol.mode not used for initial buffer.
    * SciTE bug fixed where a file could be saved as the same name as another buffer leading to confusing behaviour.
    * Fixed display bug for long lines in same style on Windows.
    * Fixed SciTE crash when finding matching preprocessor command used on some files.
    * Drawing performance improved for files with many blank lines.
    * Folding bugs fixed where changing program text produced a decrease in fold level on a fold header line.
    * Clearing document style now clears all indicators.
    * SciTE's embedded Lua updated to 5.1.4.
    * SciTE will compile with versions of GTK+ before 2.8 again.
    * SciTE on GTK+ bug fixed where multiple files not opened.
    * Bug fixed with SCI_VCHOMEWRAP and SCI_VCHOMEWRAPEXTEND on white last line.
    * Regular expression bug fixed where "^[^(]+$" matched empty lines.

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         Status: New

Update Package: Scite 1.7.8 + Translation pack
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