[Bug 272075] Re: Please backport python-pygame-1.8.1release from Intrepid to Hardy

Gabriel Rota gabriel.rota at gmail.com
Thu Sep 25 14:09:47 BST 2008

your rdepends is on Intrepid rdepend for hardy is here

grota at grota-laptop:~$ apt-cache rdepends python-pygame
Reverse Depends:
  python-freevo - not found
  pyslide - installed but not tested
  whichwayisup - tested
  solarwolf - tested
  snowballz - tested
  singularity - tested
  renpy - tested
  pyvnc2swf - not found
  python-rabbyt - not found
  python-pykaraoke - install, open but I can't try
  python-pyepl - not found
  python-poker2d - installed
  pysycache - tested
  pyslide - duplicate
  pyscrabble - install, open but not tested ... I don't want register on scrabble server
  pyracerz - working
  pypy-dev - not found
  pyntor - install but not tested
  pykaraoke-bin - install, open but not tested
  pykaraoke - install, open but not tested
  pydance - install open not tested
  pathological - tested
  monsterz-data - don't work dump
  mnemosyne - install open not tested
  magicor - tested
  lightyears - tested
  keyjnote - install open not tested
  funnyboat - tested
  fretsonfire-game - game not work, tutorial work
  freevial - tested
  childsplay - tested
  castle-combat - tested
  bouncy - tested
  angrydd - tested

result don't work

not tested

Please backport python-pygame-1.8.1release from Intrepid to Hardy
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