[Bug 271204] Re: [needs-packaging] iPath - telemedicine applications, inc microscope

KB kurt.brauchli at ipath.ch
Wed Sep 24 07:20:51 BST 2008

I have just updated the description. Would love to provide iPath as a
deb package but have never done any deb packaging before. Is there any
guide on how to package php web applications for Ubuntu ?

** Description changed:

  iPath is providing an free and open platform for many kind of telemedical applications. 
  The iPath-Server, provides a sort of medical BBS to discuss/chat/consult online. Additional modules can be added, e.g. iPath-Microscope for real time telemicroscopy.
      iPath is an open source software project with the aim of developing
  a multi-purpose communication platform for telemedicine, distance
  teaching and medical knowledge management.
      In use: The platform forms the basis of the Solomon Islands
  Telemedicine Network - "a joint project of the National Referral
  Hospital in Honiara, South Pacific Medical Projects [and] the University
  of Basel". iPath is also being used in the RAFT (French African
  Telemedicine Network) project linking countries in French-speaking
  Africa, and as part of the telepathology project at Sihanouk Hospital
  Center of HOPE, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
- Programed in Java so works on most OS platforms.
+ Programed mainly in PHP (some minor external add-ons in Java) so works
+ on most web-servers.
  License: GNU GPL

** Tags added: case-based-collaboration telemedicine telepathology

[needs-packaging] iPath - telemedicine applications, inc microscope
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