[Bug 265055] Re: Pidgin backport segfault in libc.so

Martin martin at mbs3.org
Tue Sep 9 13:59:00 BST 2008

Hello again -- I reported the bug to the Pidgin developers. Their Trac
ticket on it can be found at http://developer.pidgin.im/ticket/7013.
They've accepted and fixed it (the diff is at

I'm not sure how many people this bug affects that are using Hardy
backports, but if SSL certs make Pidgin as unstable for everyone as it
was for me, I'd suggest removing the package until the fixed version can
be backported. I'd imagine this probably does affect most users since
everything seems to use SSL and libnss except AIM and Yahoo. IRC and
Jabber both cause Pidgin to crash.

Pidgin backport segfault in libc.so
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