[Bug 277520] Re: Please backport KeePassX (0.3.3)

Hew McLachlan hew.mclachlan at gmail.com
Sat Oct 4 13:24:17 BST 2008

Bug 263257 is the sync request that fixes having two .desktop files. I
think Felix meant it should wait so that 0.3.3-1 can be backported to
Hardy, rather than either having an older version backported or having
to do the backport twice. With 0.3.1-1~hardy1 already in hardy-backports
I assume the two .desktop files already exist, so in any case there
won't be a regression, it's just a question of Hardy getting the fix,
and how much effort should be spent backporting :-)

Please backport KeePassX (0.3.3)
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