[Bug 271784] Re: please backport tomcat6 from intrepid

agent 8131 agent.8131 at infotage.net
Fri Nov 7 09:24:54 GMT 2008

The tomcat packages are wisely split into separate packages per version.
Anyone running tomcat in 8.04, for example, will, most likely, have the
tomcat5.5 package installed.  Therefore there is no risk of regression
by backporting the tomcat6 package.

Furthermore, anyone who has enabled the backports repository without
pinning is expressly configuring their system in a manner that suggests
a policy of having the latest software regardless of possible
incompatibilities.  In my opinion, the traditional Linux policy is not
to protect lesser experienced users from themselves at the expense of
increased options for more experienced users.  One could argue that more
experienced users should be comfortable doing their own backports or
installing from source.  However, I feel that if users are willing to do
the work of backporting their work should be accepted and users should
be encouraged to using apt pinning whenever they enable backports.  If
this is not going to be the case for Ubuntu than perhaps a new backports
repository for advanced users should be created.

please backport tomcat6 from intrepid
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