[Bug 207359] Re: please update homebank to version 3.8 in hardy

Brian Pitts brian at polibyte.com
Mon Jun 30 01:51:38 BST 2008

Below is the changelog for the Homebank since the version in Hardy;
since there have been nothing but bugfixes I think this needs to go
through the SRU rather than the backports process.

The most important change for me is the removal of transaction sign
inheritance from the category inheritance, a regression introduced in
3.6 that makes it unusable for me; see

2008-04-02  Maxime Doyen

	* Made 3.8 release.
	* bugfix: there was a problem for adding transactions
	* bugfix: ofx file with a blank line were not recognised
	* change: removed the -Werror compile option

2008-03-22  Maxime Doyen

	* Made 3.7 release.
	* bugfix: archive changes were not considered for save changes 
	* bugfix: strings change (British units to Imperial units)
	* bugfix: remind transaction were not displayed after save
	* bugfix: transaction window close button was faultly add a transaction
	* bugfix: string in account window status bar was not localized
	* bugfix: making an archive with empty name from a transaction was possible
	* bugfix: statistics rate columns were sometimes displaying 'nan' as rate
	* change: removed transaction register amount herits [sic] from the category sign automatically

please update homebank to version 3.8 in hardy
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