[Bug 249661] Re: [needs-packaging] Aldrin - Modular Synthesiser based on Buzz

Guillaume Duveau guix_d-gnu at yahoo.fr
Thu Dec 18 09:36:27 GMT 2008


The code has moved to : http://www.bitbucket.org/paniq/aldrin/src/
Aldrin needs also the Armstrong library which is here : http://www.bitbucket.org/paniq/armstrong/

Tree MendUs, what did you mean by "Not packaged" ? Both Aldrin and
Armstrong have official releases*. And there are some packages available
for Ubuntu, although they are not included in the repositories.

* The official releases are old. But the development versions
(accessible with mercury) are VERY stable. I think some packages in
Ubuntu are from CVS builds, so do you think it would be possible to
include latest hg builds in Ubuntu (not saying you should do it, I'm
ready to fly into this).

[needs-packaging] Aldrin - Modular Synthesiser based on Buzz
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