[Bug 305001] Re: Please backport sqlalchemy 0.4.8 from Jaunty to Hardy

Evan Broder broder at mit.edu
Thu Dec 18 06:29:38 GMT 2008

Testing on Intrepid:

SUMMARY: Nothing needs to be backported for Jaunty support

Actually, there's not a long version of this. There were no regressions.
The unit tests for beaker and sasync still threw errors, although fewer
of them, but there is no software that needs to be backported from
Jaunty to work against SQLAlchemy 0.4.8. I'll revise the bug description
in a moment with my full recommendations.

** Description changed:

  Several useful features have been introduced to SQLAlchemy since 0.4.2,
  and I think it would be good for those to be available in the LTS
  In particular, I'm interested in using the new
  sqlalchemy.ext.declarative module.
  The module builds without problems in a clean sbuild environment, and
  some quick testing suggests that it runs fine as well.
+ rdepends: I have tested all packages that depend on SQLAlchemy on both
+ Hardy and Intrepid. In no case were there any regressions resulting from
+ using a backported 0.4.8 instead of the version currently distributed
+ with the release.

Please backport sqlalchemy 0.4.8 from Jaunty to Hardy
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