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2008/12/17 John Dong <jdong at>

> Backport building is even easier. For the most part, no source changes are
> required. All you have to do is use "dch -i" to create a new changelog
> entry(*) acknowledging that it's a backport, then run pbuilder on this new
> source package.
> The exception is when the Jaunty version requires a new build dependency
> compared to the Intrepid. You can look at the debian/changelog entries to
> make an educated guess about whether or not that was necessary. Usually it's
> just for forcing a build against a newly uploaded library in Jaunty or
> Debian Sid and safe to remove, but when it's not, I've previously asked
> Ubuntu devs to make it very clear in the changelog that they weren't kidding
> when specifying a build dependency version (for example, nasty bugs in
> supporting libraries)
> (*) The new changelog entry should be a LOWER version number than Jaunty;
> this is so that when you upgrade, you are guaranteed to pull in the new
> Jaunty version. If your backport had the exact same or higher version number
> as the Jaunty package then APT may not consider it as needing to be
> upgraded, leading to confusion and dependency headaches in your next
> upgrade! The "~" operator in the version is very helpful: 1.2.3-1~foo is
> less than 1.2.3-1. So, Ubuntu convention is to append "~intrepid1" to the
> first attempted backport, "~intrepid2" to the 2nd, and so on. Various
> unofficial packages uses other ~suffixes so feel free to pick one that
> identifies your backports uniquely!
> P.S. Also see the "prevu" tool in the Ubuntu repos:
> It's designed to automate this process in one fell swoop, such as "prevu
> bash" which goes to LaunchPad and automatically grabs the newest Jaunty
> sources for bash, and builds it. It is powered by pbuilder -- in fact it
> uses the "pdebuild" invocation of pbuilder. Prevu also functions just like
> the "pdebuild" command when you run it with no arguments within a Debian
> source directory so you can use it as a replacement for your pbuilder setup.
Ok, thanks.
Is it just like a update process?

apt-get source <pakket>
wget <newer version.tar.gz>
mv hello-2.3.tar.gz hello_2.3.orig.tar.gz
tar xfz hello_2.3.orig.tar.gz
cd hello_2.3/
zcat ../hello_2.2-2.diff.gz | patch -p1
dch -i

How do I get the Jaunty package in a Intrepid environment? Or the source?
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