[Bug 260998] Re: Please backport Xen 3.3 from Intrepid

agent 8131 agent.8131 at infotage.net
Thu Aug 28 23:35:54 BST 2008

Perhaps you could document why this is the case.  Currently with Debian
one can use the Xen 3.2 backport with the Xen dom0 kernel in Etch.  I'm
not sure why this wouldn't be the same case with Hardy.  Is there some
sort of incompatibility that has been introduced in Xen 3.3 that
prevents it from working with the 2.6.24 Xen kernels in Ubuntu 8.04?

I attempted to find information about this issue and yet came across
something else that was curious: there does not seem to be a Xen Dom0
kernel in Ubuntu 8.10.  Is Ubuntu abandoning Xen dom0 support like
Debian is in Lenny?  If so I suspect there will be a loss of market
share to CentOS.

Please backport Xen 3.3 from Intrepid
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