[Bug 227464] Re: Please roll out security fixes from PHP 5.2.6

spinkham steve.pinkham at gmail.com
Tue Aug 5 20:49:36 BST 2008

We're way off topic now (sorry) but in fact Ubuntu does seem to realize there is a problem and is addressing it.
My biggest complaint is that there was no news, and no clear way for me to help.
They are now advertising for more security engineers, and I am applying.
Thanks for listening Ubuntu, and hopefully your changes will both improve your security process and help take some of the load off the overworked security people.  I believe some of both are necessary, but I'm only an outsider.
If you're qualified, please consider applying for this job also, as we who are interested in Ubuntu's ongoing security will all benefit from them hiring the best person available for the job.

Please roll out security fixes from PHP 5.2.6
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