[Bug 137656] Samba Backport Urgently Needed

rvjcallanan vincent at callanan.ie
Thu Sep 6 19:25:25 BST 2007

Sorry if anyone feels hurt...that was obviously not my intention, as
anyone can see...and there's no need to get personal.

Maintaining a distro is indeed a hard station. Perhaps we (as a global
community) should put a stop to this hack fest and set down very
sensible guidelines for software cycle...that is of course if GNU/Linux
wants to make serious inroads in the non-LAMP server arena outside the
hobbyist sphere. Or is that another niaive assumption of mine?

It seems that nothing will come of my misguided "bug report" but let me
close my involvement on this topic with the following observation....

I don't want to appear all self-serving but Samba is a very very special
application and needs very very special attention.

Most other packages tend to co-exist in an informal development cycle
where they more-or-less track each other and tend to need nothing more
than security patches and ocassional bug fixes. Now, before some hard-
pressed maintainer flames me, I emphasise the *more-or-less* and *tend
to* part.

Samba is different in that it's development and maintenance cycles are
driven primarily by what's going on in the Windows world. For exampe, a
Microsoft service pack here or security hotfix there can introduce new
issues or uncover existing problems which Samba must track as quickly as
possible. Even updates to end-user applications such as Excel, Access,
etc. can break Samba. I won't even mention Vista!! So while my server
installations can be pretty stable in all other respects, I find myself
needing access to Samba updates on an on-demand basis...yet I don't want
to run an unstable Linux release. Catch 22 if ever there was one!!!

Since Windows dominates business installations, on the client side at
least, it is imperative that any serious distro which claims LTS needs
to sit down with the Samba team and look at ways of easing the
incorporation of Samba fixes. Is that not what the enterprise samba
effort is all about? (I note from your observations that this effort
seems to have had little or no real value).

I detect from your replies some bad karma between Ubuntu and the Samba
team. It does seem, with the benefit of hindsight, that the onus is more
on the Samba side.

Given the impact that Ubuntu has undoubtedly made, the great man himself
should don his space suit and sit down with Jeremy A. to hammer out some
kind of a workable go-forward. If not then these two great icons of our
times need to receive some serious prodding from the masses...nobody is
beyond reproach..we are all expendable ;-)

Samba Backport Urgently Needed
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