[Bug 112570] Re: Please backport boinc_5.8.17-1 from Gutsy

Frank S. Thomas frank at thomas-alfeld.de
Thu Jun 7 19:07:31 BST 2007

On Sunday 13 May 2007, Shirish Agarwal wrote:
> the boinc 5.8.17 has been truncated & only 5.8.16 is the official
> release.

If you would look at the source code (or at [1]) you would see that the 
changes between 5.8.16 and 5.8.17 are only Mac specific and hence 5.8.16 and 
5.8.17 built for Linux are basically the same. This should not hinder the 
backport process.


Please backport boinc_5.8.17-1 from Gutsy
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