[Bug 96586] Re: Correct multiple inkscape issues in Feisty (SRU and Backport)

Bryce Harrington bryce at bryceharrington.org
Wed Jul 25 23:04:58 BST 2007

Scott, the original request was to get 0.45.1 available in Feisty, as it
contains a large number of bug fixes.  SRU is only going to accept the
three crash bugs, and says the remainder must be done as backports.  The
description was edited to only list those three bugs, however I believe
many of the 0.45.1 fixes (such as the several blur feature fixes) are
highly desired by users and feel it is important for 0.45.1 to be
available to Feisty users.  (In fact, the reason 0.45.1 exists at all is
because 0.45.0 was hurried in order to make the Feisty feature freeze
cutoff, since the Inkscape developers love Ubuntu - it is ironically
unfortunate that today Ubuntu is about the only distro that *doesn't*
have 0.45.1 available for its users.)

Of those three crash bugs, the odg crash seems to be highly important;
both the steps to reproduce it and the patch to fix it are already
included in this bug report (comments #9 and #12 respectively).  Of the
other two crash bugs, with the tspan editing bug I am not able to
reproduce nor find steps to reproduce documented in a bug report (I
suspect it was discovered in a code review rather than through usage).
The comment node handling bug only occurs in the tutorials (easily
reproduced though - select a shape in a tutorial and do
Effects->Color->Remove Red) and I'm not sure if it would qualify as

Correct multiple inkscape issues in Feisty (SRU and Backport)
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