[Bug 127639] Please backport gtkpod 0.99.10 and gtkpod-aac 0.99.10 from Gutsy to Feisty

kostkon kostas291 at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 22 23:09:16 BST 2007

Public bug reported:

Feisty has gtkpod (and subsequently gtkpod-aac) version 0.99.8
Gutsy has the freshly updated gtkpod 0.99.10 and gtkpod-aac 0.99.10

This new version adds many new features and provides some bug-fixes and
improvements. Specifically:

gtkpod V0.99.10

NEW FEATURE: on-the-fly conversion of WAV, FLAC and OGG (as well as MP3
and M4A). Thanks to Marc d[readlock], Simon Naunton and Peter Edwards!
Multi-threaded background conversion was added by Jorg Schuler.

NEW FEATURE: editing of TV show metadata and track media type. Thanks to
Mario Rossi.

NEW FEATURE: Display of Album Art. Thanks to P.G. Richardson.

NEW FEATURE: Download of Album Art from the net. Thanks to P.G.

NEW FEATURE: copy playlists and tracks from within the context menu
without DND can simplify life with many playlists. Thanks to Andrzej
Palejko for his patch.

NEW FEATURE: preliminary support for calculating gapless playback
information (lame encoded mp3 files only). Thanks to Michael Tiffany.

UPDATE: Smart playlists now support the following new fields: album
artist, tv show, last skipped, season number, skipcount and video kind.

IMPROVEMENT: Clicking on an item with the right mouse button will select
and open the context menu, which is the intended behavior. As a
consequence, the interface will remain blocked while the selection is
being updated and displayed.

BUGFIX: dragging tracks between two iPods would sometimes not actually
copy the file.

UPDATED: Italian translation (thanks to Daniele Forsi)

PACKAGING: Install a .desktop file and icons according to the
freedesktop.org specification.

** Affects: feisty-backports (upstream)
     Importance: Undecided
         Status: New

Please backport gtkpod 0.99.10 and gtkpod-aac 0.99.10 from Gutsy to Feisty
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