[Bug 112511] Re: Backport Pidgin 2.0.0 Final to Fiesty

Andrew Jorgensen andrew+ubuntu at jorgensenfamily.us
Tue Jul 3 15:44:14 BST 2007

I'd like to interject that I don't think a simple backport of pidgin is
possible.  Yes, I know that it works fine - I'm using it myself - but
there are integration problems.  nautilus-sendto doesn't support pidgin
because it has different dbus paths than gaim, for instance.  There are
also a large number of plugins that need to be backported with pidgin.

If people really want a backport either an unofficial backport (as some
have already posted) or a backport which can be installed side-by-side
with gaim would be best.

Backport Pidgin 2.0.0 Final to Fiesty
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